Forward the homepage of this blog (maldivesvoices.wordpress.com) onto people you know! We have to spread information about this so that people realize what an epic thieving this is they’re doing to us. Spread the word, knowledge is power!

“Miee mihaathanah ufedhunu emme zimmaadhaaru majlis” – MP Musthafa

“Miee haqqu laari.. aharumenge musaara aa kulhenyaa ehen emmenge ves kudakuran jeheyne” – Reeko Moosa

“Magey bank accountuga neiy bai laarives save kurevifa” – MP Mahuloof

“Miee varah fair varah insaafuveri imthiyazeh… varah ragalhah visnaafa dhiraasaa kohfa kuri kameh… aharemen emmenah engey e oi evvunthakakee political party thakun hingi kameh kan, aammun ge kameh noonkan. aammunneh ekamakaa alhaeh nulaa, ekamu e 20,000 kuri namaves nukuri namaves e party thakun e evvun thah hingees eii emeehun ge kameh aammun ge kameh noon… membarunnakee varah meehun dhimaakoh jassaalaafa hunna bayakah vaathee mikamaa ehaa bodu massalaeh e ufedhenee…” – Deputy Speaker Nazim

In light of this sort of crap… here’s a rundown of the basics:

Majlis just voted to give themselves a 20,000 pay rise to their earlier pay of Rf 62,500 per month. They also voted to give themselves a bunch of various other extremely extravagant perks, like tax-free import of cars for their use and them and their families getting free healthcare in any SAARC country.

Considering that the average civil servant or employee has to try and make do with salaries up to fifteen times less, it feels like a real slap in the face to the general public. While they claim we are in debt, and to not have the money for things like giving scholarships to deserving students or upgrading our airport without giving the rights to a foreign company among many others, they are able to justify increasing the Majlis wage bill- for just 77 people- to a total of over 85 million Rufiyaa every year.

Comparing this to how broke the government seems to be for everything else puts exactly how corrupt and stupid this new measure is in sharp relief:



It is even more insulting when you consider how for pretty much every other issue, the parliament has trouble with the quorum not being met (that is, more than THREE-QUARTERS of the members not showing up) and how every time they do show up, it ends up descending into a fight- but now when it’s to rip us off, they manage to do a nice bipartisan agreement job of it.

Just to emphasize just HOW MUCH they’re taking, check out the following charts and numbers:



And what that money, which they tell us they NEED, could be doing instead of padding the pockets of some fat-cat politicians.



Well, so what do we take from this?

That while they may screw us over now, we WILL remember this when the elections come around. And we WILL never vote for somebody who will cheat the country out of it’s money, steal what should be ours, and trample on our rights- while insulting our intelligence by trying to justify it.



What they did is wrong, unconstitutional, cruel, conniving and insulting. They have slapped the people who voted them into power, the workers on whose backs they get their living, and the country they defile which they are supposed to serve.

We’ll remember this.



Proposers, Voters

Forward the homepage of this blog (maldivesvoice.wordpress.com) onto people you know! We have to spread information about this so that people realize what an epic thieving this is they’re doing to us. Spread the word, knowledge is power!

EDIT: Due to Majlis.gov.mv being down and some mistakes with information, we had accidentally put some wrong names in the list in the ‘MPs who didn’t vote for it’. Now this has been taken down and we kept the list of MPs who voted for it here.

MPs in the FINANCE COMMITTEE which proposed this salary increment.

  1. Mohamed Nasheed (Nolhivaramu Dhairaa)
  2. Ahmed Hamza (Biledhdhoo Dhaira)
  3. Ilyas Labeeb (Hulhu-meedhoo Dhaira)
  4. Abdulla Abdur Raheem (Maafannu Hulhangu Dhaira)
  5. Mohamed Nashiz (Alifushi Dhaira)
  6. Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed (Fuvahmulak Dhekunu Dhaira)
  7. Ahmed Saleem (Eydhafushi Dhaira)
  8. Riyaz Rasheed (Vilufushi Dhaira)
  9. Ahmed Nazim (Dhiggaru Dhaira)
  10. Abdulla Yamin (Mulaku Dhaira)

    MPs who voted for the salary increase:

    1. Alifushi Dhaairaa Mohamed Nashiz
    2. Dhuvaafaru Dhaairaa Mohamed Zubair
    3. Dhigaru Dhaairaa Ahmed Nazim
    4. Faresmaathodaa Dhaairaa Ibrahim Muthalib
    5. Feydhoo Dhaairaa Alhan Fahmy
    6. Fonadhoo Dhaairaa Abdul Raheem Abdulla
    7. Funadhoo Dhaairaa Ali Saleem
    8. Fuvamulaku Dhekunu Dhaairaa Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed
    9. Fuvamulaku Uthuru Dhaairaa Mohamed Rafeeq Hassan‎
    10. Galolhu Dhekunu Dhaairaa Ahmed Mahloof
    11. Gamu Dhaariaa Yoosuf Abdul Gadir
    12. Gemanafushi Dhaairaa Ilham Ahmed
    13. Guraidhoo Dhaairaa Ibrahim Riza
    14. Hanimaadhoo Dhaairaa Mohamed Mujthaz
    15. Hithadhoo Dhekunu Dhaairaa Hassan Latheef
    16. Isdhoo Dhaairaa Ahmed Rasheed Ibrahim
    17. Kaashidhoo Dhaairaa Ismail Abdul Hameed
    18. Kanditheemu Dhaairaa Mohamed Hussain
    19. Kelaa Dhaairaa Abdulla Mausoom
    20. Kendhoo Dhaairaa Ahmed Thasmeen Ali
    21. Kinbidhoo Dhaairaa Moosa Zameer
    22. Komandoo Dhaairaa Hussain Waheed
    23. Kudahuvadhoo Dhaairaa Ahmed Amir
    24. Maafannu Hulhangu Dhaairaa Abdulla Abdul Raheem
    25. Maamigili Dhaairaa Qasim Ibrahim
    26. Maavashu Dhaairaa Abdul Azeez Jamal Abu-Bakr
    27. Machchangoalhi Dhekunu Dhaairaa Mohamed Rasheed
    28. Maduvvari Dhaariaa Visam Ali
    29. Maradhoo Dhaairaa Hassan Adhil
    30. Mathiveri Dhaairaa Hussain Mohamed
    31. Medhuhenveyru Dhaairaa Ali Azim
    32. Meedhoo Dhaairaa Ahmed Siyam Mohamed
    33. Mulaku Dhaairaa Abdulla Yamin
    34. Naifaru Dhaairaa Ahmed Mohamed
    35. Nilandhoo Dhaairaa Abdul Muhsin Hameed
    36. Thimarafushi Dhaairaa Mohamed Musthafa
    37. Thoddoo Dhaairaa Ali Waheed
    38. Thulusdhoo Dhaairaa Rozaina Adam
    39. Ungoofaaru Dhaairaa Afraashim Ali
    40. Vaikaradhoo Dhaairaa Ali Arif
    41. Velidhoo Dhaairaa Ali Mohamed
    42. Vilingili Dhaairaa Mohamed Ramiz
    43. Vilufushi Dhaairaa Riyaz Rasheed
    44. Vilimaafannu Dhaairaa Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik

    Being an MP is supposed to be a service to the people- if you’re not WILLING to serve the people, if you are the type who can only be bothered to serve the people in exchange for tens of thousands of state money a month, you SHOULDN’T BE an MP.